Andrew Kalkov
Andriy Kalkov was born in Lutsk, Ukraine in 1987. He entered the art world when he was still at school age, when he became interested in painting graffiti. Kalkov gratuated Monumental Art degree in Kosiv Institute Of Applied And Decorative Arts Of Lviv National Academy Of Arts. From 2009 to the present day, Kalkov has been working on the abstract series "Circulation". According to the artist:”The main symbol of this series is the spiral line - the eternal symbol of perception, one of the most popular worldwide ornamental decor through the centuries.” Kalkov decided to use this profundus symbol and rearrange it into new modern forms and, more precisely into art objects created in geometrical and op-art styles. “The Circulation” has one challenging feature. It dives inside and expands outside as the main aim of series does: everyone has to explore himself and find inspiration and knowledge to share it with outworld. Since 2020, the artist's work has been heavily influenced by architecture with a dash of digital surrealism.